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Dr. Amanda L. Strawhacker, Ph.D.

A STEM Education Researcher and Designer

My Background

I hold a Master's and Ph.D. in Child Study and Human Development from Tufts University, where I worked at the DevTech Research Group.

I work at the intersection of Developmental Research, Technology Innovation, and STEAM Education. I have over a decade of experience teaching literacy, computer science, engineering, and life science to K-2nd grade children. I've collaborated to develop and research the ScratchJr programming app, the Early Childhood Makerspace at Tufts University, and most recently, the CRISPEE technology kit for bioengineering education. 

Curriculum Development  Writing 
Public Speaking  Teaching

Qualitative Research  Social Media

Professional Development    Technology Education   Design-Based Research

I collaborate with educators, administrators, children, and families to improve

How we teach STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

in Early Childhood.

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