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In today's changing world, it's more important than ever to work towards authentic, engaging, and trustworthy STEM experiences starting with children's earliest learning experiences.

Advances in STEM are pervasive in modern society, impacting the food that we eat, the medicine we take, and the fuel that we use to power our electronics. As children enter this swiftly evolving world, technology innovation is rapidly outpacing our ability to meaningfully educate children in novel STEM domains and prepare them for the world in which they are growing. In my ongoing research, professional training, and community outreach, I address the pressing need for evidence-based pedagogy and practice recommendations to prepare young generations with positive early STEM experiences.

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Blog Posts: Check out this series of CSTA Voice Blog Posts co-authored by Angie Kalthoff and myself (along with several guest authors) about how to use technology in hybrid or distanced learning settings to support healthy development in young children during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Webinar: Recording of a free educational webinar called The ABC's of STEAM that I led with Dr. Amanda Sullivan. This webinar was hosted by the Early Childhood Technology Certificate Program at Tufts University.

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Interview: Check out my interview with Tufts Now magazine on the importance of relevant STEM education for young children.

TEDx Talk: I was invited to participate in the TEDxYouth@BeachonStreet 2018 event in 2018, where I spoke about the CRISPEE technological kit for teaching young children about the ethical and social implications of gene editing.

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